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The Great Explosion

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Cover by : Eric Frank Russell
    published :1962
subject :Science Fiction
size : 109.8 KiB in cover
328.1 KiB in 2,351 paragraphs
~ 168 pages
added by : Jotunbane (21 Jan 2010)
score : OnOnOnOnOnOnOnOnOnOn   10

A cheap faster-than-light drive system has permitted the population of the galaxy. Each planet has become the home for a particular social group. Four hundred years after the diaspora, a spaceship from Earth visits three of the planets, the first steps to unifying the galaxy under a new Empire. Things do not go entirely as hoped, as the incompetent military authoritarians of the ship encounter three very different societies.

Twenty-three years after the novel was published, it won a Prometheus Hall of Fame Award.

OnOnOnOnOnOnOnOnOnOn from : Jotunbane (23 Dec 2012)
Fantastic. I love it. One of the best descriptions of functional anarchy anywhere. And a must-read for anybody with even mild anarchist impulses.

I fixed the usual handfull of errors.

OnOnOnOnOnOnOnOnOnOn from : Jotunbane (03 Feb 2017)
So I was watching "We steal secrets : The story of wikileaks" the other day, and came across this :

"Several weeks later, around dinner time. Manning was discovered lying on the ground. With a knife he had scrawled on a chair the words 'I wont"

Ever wondered what that was all about? Well that is clearly taken from this one. It's "The Weapon". (No spoilers, you will have to read it yourself).

I suspect Miss Manning is a Science Fiction buff :)
Published by Dodd, Mead and Company

ISBN : 0-380-00316-3
     Chapter 1
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