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Myths of the Norsemen

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From the Eddas and Sagas
Cover by : Hélène Adeline Guerber
    published :1909
subject :Mythology
size : 81.6 KiB in cover
5.7 MiB in 64 pictures
565.8 KiB in 3,763 paragraphs
~ 354 pages
added by : Jotunbane (20 Nov 2010)
score : OnOnOnOnOnOnOnOnOnOn   10

Wonderful collection of age-old tales assembled by noted scholar and folklore expert. Myths tell of the creation of the world; the deeds of such gods and heroes as Odin, Thor and Siegfried; the machinations of the evil Loki; and more. Entertaining and readable, these tales offer a striking presentation of the ancient Germanic and Scandinavian myths that have helped shape the literature and cultures of the modern West.

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