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Race and the Third Reich

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Linguistics, Racial Anthropology and Genetics in the Dialectic of Volk
Cover by : Christopher M. Hutton
    published :2005
subject :Nonfiction
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~ 335 pages
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Race and the Third Reich aims to set out the key concepts, debates and controversies that marked the academic study of race in Nazi Germany. It looks in particular at the discipline of racial anthropology and its relationship to linguistics and human biology.

Christopher Hutton identifies the central figures involved in the study of race during the Nazi regime, and traces continuities and discontinuities between Nazism and the study of human diversity in the Western tradition. Whilst Nazi race theory is commonly associated with the idea of a superior "Aryan race" and with the idealization of the Nordic ideal of blond hair, blue eyes and a "long-skull", Nazi race theorists, in common with their colleagues outside Germany, without exception denied the existence of an Aryan race. After 1935 official publications were at pains to stress that the term "Aryan" belonged to linguistics and was not a racial category at all. Under the influence of Mendelian genetics, racial anthropologists concluded that there was no necessary link between ideal physical appearance and ideal racial character. In the course of the Third Reich, racial anthropology was marginalized in favour of the rising science of human genetics. However, racial anthropologists played a key role in the crimes of the Nazi state by defining Jews and others as racial outsiders to be excluded at all costs from the body of the German Volk.

Anyone studying the Third Reich or who is interested in race theory will find this a fascinating, informative and accessible study.

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First published in 2005 by Polity Press

Language: English

TODO: The references have only been cleaned up partially.

ISBN: 0-7456-3176-2
ISBN: 0-7456-3177-0 (pb)
ISBN-13: 978-0745631776


   1. Introduction

   2. Nazi Ideology: An Attack on ‘Difference’?
     The völkisch idea
     National Socialism: between racial nostalgia and modernity

   3. Peoples, Races, Genes
     Race and racial anthropology
     Darwin, genetics and eugenics

   4. Hans Günther and Racial Anthropology
     The Nordic (nordisch) race
     The Mediterranean (westisch mediterran, mittelländisch) race
     The Dinaric (dinarisch) race
     The Alpine (ostisch, alpin) race
     The East Baltic (ostbaltisch) race
     The Phalian (fälisch, dalisch) race
     The Jews
     Metaphors of race

   5. Racial Mixing or ‘Bastardization’
     Miscegenation and purity in European thought
     The German debate about colonialism
     Eugen Fischer and the ‘Rehobother Bastards’
     Racial mixing and the status of the ‘Bastard’
     Reception and critique
     The evolution of Fischer’s views
     Wider implications of the study

   6. The Myth of an Aryan Race
     The biblical paradigm
     Japhetic affinities
     The Aryan hypothesis
     Aryan versus Semite
     Nazism and the term ‘Aryan’
     Critics of Nazism and the Aryan hypothesis

   7. Aryan, Nordic and Jew
     The Nordic race
     Nordic versus Aryan
     The Nordic and the Jew

   8. The Nordic Race and the German Volk
     Nordicism and nationalism
     Critics of Nordicism

   9. Germany as Nordic Colony? Confusion and Anxiety Post-1933
     The problem of hybridity
     The view from psychology: Gerhard Pfahler

   10. The Neutralization of Intellectual Diversity
     Georg Schmidt-Rohr and the worship of mother tongue
     Eugen Fischer and the Nordic race
     A German race?
     Walter Gross and the idea of a German race
     Ideological stalemate

   11. Dynamics of Nazi Science
     Science and ideology
     Darwinism and the intellectual background to Nazism
     Walter Gross: balancing the claims of science and ideology
     Race theory on trial: the case of Ludwig Ferdinand Clauss
     The scientific gaze
     Neo-Lamarckianism and Nazism
     Conclusion: the problem of telos

   12. Nazism Beyond Race
     Determinism and free will
     Biology and linguistics
     Racial anthropology and the role of psychology
     Dialectics of Volk

   APPENDIX I: Bibliographic Notes

   APPENDIX II: Biographical Sketches

   APPENDIX III: Nazi Legislation (Selected Examples)


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