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The Woman Racket

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The New Science Explaining How the Sexes Relate at Work, at Play and in Society
Cover by : Steve Moxon
    published :2008
subject :Politics
keywords :Psychology,Gender,Social Sciences,Politics
size : 149.6 KiB in cover
4.7 MiB in 52 pictures
2 KiB in 8 footnotes
806.6 KiB in 1,649 paragraphs
~ 466 pages
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His first book, The Great Immigration Scandal (2004), blew the whistle on abuses within the Home Office and led to the resignation of the immigration minister, Beverley Hughes. Although attacked at the time by the government and the 'liberal' media for alarmism, Moxon's analysis has now been adopted by most of the major political parties. Indeed his views on the dangers of multiculturalism were even echoed by the Chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality, leading the Evening Standard to claim 'Moxon appears not so much a racist as a visionary'. But immigration was never his primary interest, in fact he joined the Home Office in order to study its HR policy, as part of a decade-long investigation of men–women. This book is the result. Notwithstanding its provocative title, The Woman Racket is a serious scientific investigation into one of the key myths of our age – that women are oppressed by the 'patriarchal’ traditions of Western societies. Drawing on the latest developments in evolutionary psychology, Moxon finds that the opposite is true – men, or at least the majority of low-status males – have always been the victims of deep-rooted prejudice. As the prejudice is biologically derived, it is unconscious and can only be uncovered with the tools of scientific psychology. The book reveals this prejudice in fields as diverse as healthcare, employment, family policy and politics: compared to the long and bloody struggle for universal male suffrage, women were given the vote ‘in an historical blink of the eye’.

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2012 digital version by Andrews UK Limited

Language: English
ISBN-10: 1845401506
ISBN-13: 978-1845401504

Dedicated to Norman Kingsley Mailer (1923-2007)
A fearless and fierce critic of what he christened 'the woman racket'

Originally published by Imprint Academic

     Reductionism defended
     On Knowing Where to Draw the Line

   1: Progressing Backwards – The political and social foreground
     The Great Disruption
     The role of political ideology
     A recapitulation of a previous political crisis
     ‘Political correctness gone mad’
     Looking up from the pavement

   2: Why There Are Males – Men are humanity’s essential genetic design and test lab
     The sexes solve the problem sex itself failed to solve
     The ‘quarantining’ of both ‘good’ and ‘bad’ genes in the male
     The male ‘filter’ at work
     Self-suppression of reproduction
     The upshot of the male ‘filter’

   3: The Real ‘Power’ – Intra-sex dominance and female privilege
     ‘Power’ and ‘dominance’
     Psychological salience: The more important the behaviour, the less we’re aware of it
     How the male hierarchy works without our being conscious of it: Assessing and signalling status
     The ‘folk prejudice’ against men
     How ‘power’ really plays out

   4: Separate Worlds – The self-segregation of the sexes, and how they compete and affiliate differently
     The self-segregation of the sexes
     Self-segregation is apparent through all social structures; only mixed-sex grouping breaks down
     The separate worlds can be most apparent in adults: prisoners
     Males and females don’t compete against each other, competition being essentially between males
     The profound contrast between men’s and women’ affiliation

   5: Difference Incarnate – Sex-typical variation – men’s focus and women’s connectedness
     Sex-typical spread
     Men excel in music and the arts although overall women may be the more artistic
     Two complementary models of the basis of sex difference
     Looking for the basis of sex difference in the brain

   6: Sex in Care – Men’s poor health stems from the ‘status syndrome’
     Real men don’t go to the doctor
     The major inequality in health is that men get seriously ill more than women do
     The ‘status syndrome’ in men
     We’re back, through another window, to what DH and males are for

   7: Historical Blindsight – Uncovering social justice in the past: woman’s perennial privilege
     Social justice in terms of not the individual but the household
     The historical ‘pay gap’ was most beneficial not to men but to women
     The ‘marriage bar’ was primarily an issue amongst women
     Quota ceilings for female entry into professions was the best use of scarce resources
     Child custody law was primarily an obligation for men
     Coverture was an unreasonable imposition on men

   8: The True Sufferers for Suffrage – Votes not for men
     The widening of the national franchise always sold men short
     The shift to citizenship
     Kicking in an open door
     Women have always had the vote locally
     The restoring of the briefly-lost female franchise

   9: Sex at Work – Why women are not in love with work, yet the pay gap is so small
     Women in going backwards can’t be ‘catching up’
     Women are not orientated towards work
     The sexual division of labour
     Why there is a pay gap, and why it’s so small
     The value we put on jobs, and their sex segregation
     The sexes together and confused in the workplace: teamwork, harassment and hazing
     Women tend to revile women bosses
     Women’s preference for their own sex: serious sex discrimination against men

   10: Home Lies – Violence between partners is not mostly by men
     The collapse of the idea of ‘gendered’ violence
     Why does DV happen? ‘Mate guarding’
     Extreme politicisation

   11: Rape: Fact, Fantasy and Fabrication – The crime that’s ‘worse’ than murder
     An epidemic of ‘false rape’
     ‘False rape’: the figures and the reasons
     Cartesian meditations
     The myth of ‘rape trauma’: there is no standard or serious adverse reaction to rape
     Male rape
     Rape is about sex, not violence
     Why rape is seen as equivalent to murder
     Rape is ostensibly forced sex but may be unconsciously desired
     Man as ubiquitous ‘oppressor’: all sex is now illegal unless proved otherwise

   12: Who’s Exploiting Who? – Prostitution defrocked
     Why it makes sense for men to pay for sex and for some women to provide it
     Is anyone using anyone else more than in other relationships?
     The reality of prostitution
     Towards criminalising the male purchaser: The prejudicial crackdown on the male ‘demand’ side only
     The myth of the ‘white slave trade’

   13: Proscribing Male Thought – Erotica as ‘pornography’
     Erotica is the only way to satiate male desire for endless novel sexual partners
     Erotica does not damage
     ‘Thought crime’
     Orwellian Ore
     ‘Violent’ porn is proscribed so as to attack erotica generally
     Female erotica and rape fantasy

   14: Excluding the Family – The state as the real absent father
     Bribing couples to split up
     Exposing the pro-wife bias of family courts
     Only female bad behaviour is irrelevant in divorce
     How parliament was undermined: The disaster of the Child Support Act
     Reproductive rights only when its not through sex: prejudice exposed by crazy law
     Failed attempts to reform the administration of the family courts
     Government deliberately cocks up and covers up
     The joint residence principle

   Coda: Seeing the Game


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