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The Revolt of the Masses

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Cover by : José Ortega y Gasset
    published :1932
subject :Politics
size : 380.9 KiB in cover
19.4 KiB in 56 footnotes
306.2 KiB in 313 paragraphs
~ 167 pages
added by : Shadilay (19 Mar 2017)
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Social upheaval in early 20th-century Europe is the historical setting for this seminal study by the Spanish philosopher, José Ortega y Gasset. Continuously in print since 1932, Ortega's vision of Western culture as sinking to its lowest common denominator and drifting toward chaos brought its author international fame and has remained one of the influential books of the 20th century.

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First published as a series of articles in El Sol in 1929.
Published as a book in 1930.
Translated to English anonymously and published in 1932.

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