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software freedom your way

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Cover by : Les Petites Singularités
    published :2016
subject :Nonfiction
size : 21.3 KiB in cover
653.4 KiB in 6 pictures
4.2 KiB in 24 footnotes
45.5 KiB in 151 paragraphs
~ 31 pages
added by : ewa4boeker (16 Mar 2017)
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This book was written as part of the first Devuan
documentation sprint in December 2016. This is a reflection on software
freedom and how to make an inclusive free software distribution that
fosters simplicity, complexity, (meta)stability, and diversity. This is
also an invitation for anyone with an interest in free software to chime
in and participate in the Devuan project, their way. Comments are welcome!

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Language: English
Editor: Les Petites Singularités
First Published: 12/2016 by Dyne:β×λ
Source: https://bxl.dyne.org/actions/software-freedom-your-way

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