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Jewish Supremacism

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My Awakening to the Jewish Question
Cover by : David Ernest Duke
    published :2002
subject :Politics
size : 65.5 KiB in cover
991.5 KiB in 45 pictures
56.2 KiB in 659 footnotes
839.4 KiB in 2,283 paragraphs
~ 504 pages
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In the first few pages of Jewish Supremacism, Duke quotes Dr. Richard Steinlight, a former head of National Affairs for the largest Jewish organisation in the United States. Here is the quotation taken from a 2001 magazine article written by Dr. Steinlight:- 'I'll confess it at least, like thousands of other typical kids of my generation I was reared as a Jewish nationalist, even a quasi-separatist. Every summer for two months of ten formative years... I attended Jewish summer camp. There, each morning, I saluted a foreign flag, dressed in a uniform reflecting its colours, sang a foreign national anthem, learned a foreign language... and was taught the superiority of my people to the 'Gentiles' who oppressed us. 'We were taught to view non-Jews as... people less sensitive, intelligent and moral than ourselves.' This method of quoting major Jewish figures and sources is used hundreds of times in Duke's book to advance his thesis that there is a powerful Jewish supremacist element in Judaism and Zionism that threatens not only the freedom of the Palestinian people but all nations, including the United States. Duke also uses direct quotes from the Talmud and other major Jewish sources, such as the Jewish Encyclopedia to expose a long-standing cadre of hateful, anti-Gentile Jewish supremacists. Shocking quotes are displayed from major Jewish magazines that boast of a Jewish supremacy over the media and politics of the United States. He finds disturbing and hateful words from Jewish leaders, such as Ariel Sharon, which openly support genocide, and he reveals quotations from Israeli leaders who equate Zionism and Nazism. Of course, he also cites many prominent Gentiles of historical and contemporary times, but the Jewish quotations and sources have the greatest power. Frankly, they are so convincing that Jewish leaders have sought to get the book banned in many nations.

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For information:
Free Speech Press P.O. Box 188 Mandeville, LA 70470. (504) 626-7714

ISBN #1-892796-00-8

   Author’s Preface
     What is Jewish Supremacism?
     Israel: A Jewish Supremacist State
     A World Wide Agenda
     Divide and Conquer
     Silencing Their Critics

   Chapter 1 – The Jewish Question
     The Sharp Words of Mattie Smith
     The Beginning of an Ethnic War

   Chapter 2 – Jewish Supremacism
     Are Jews a Race?...They Certainly Think So!
     Judaism Views the Bible as Racial Supremacism
     The Talmud: A Jewish-Supremacist Doctrine
     The Contrast of Christian and Jewish Holy Days
     Zionism as Racism
     Modern Jewish Supremacism

   Chapter 3 – Christianity and Judaism
     Love Thy “Neighbor”
     Ethnic Supremacism in the Old Testament
     Jewish Anti-Christianism
     Do Jews currently have a Covenant with God?
     Islam and Christianity: Similar Views on the Jews

   Chapter 4 – Jews, Communism and Civil Rights
     Communist Ideology and Race
     A Movement Hostile to All Nationalities
     The Freudian Assault
     The Civil Rights Movement
     Zionism over Marxism
     Egalitarianism and Civil Rights as Weapons

   Chapter 5 – Who Runs the Media? Jewish Media Supremacy
     Three Powerful Newspapers
     The Three Most-Read Newsmagazines
     The Giants of Book Publishing
     The Suppression of One Book
     Jewish Media Control – A World Wide Pattern
     Jewish Media Supremacy In Canada
     Other Methods of Press Control
     “An Empire of Their Own”
     Israel and Arabia
     The Lesson of Marlon Brando

   Chapter 6 – Jewish Political Supremacy
     A New President, the Same Jewish Agenda
     Jewish Political Power in 21st Century America

   Chapter 7 – The Roots of Anti-Semitism I: Economic Exploitation
     Religious Intolerance or Economic Resentment?
     Jewish Commercial Activities
     The Jewish Team Strategy
     Banks and Stock Exchanges

   Chapter 8 – The Roots of Anti-Semitism II: Crime and Treachery
     "Russian Revolution" and/or "Russian Mafia"
     When Criminals Control the Media
     The Slave Trade
     White Slavery
     The Story of Joseph
     The Jewish View of Anti-Semitism

   Chapter 9 – Israel: a Jewish Supremacist State
     Is God a Zionist?
     The Balfour Declaration
     Zionism/Nazism: Born in Each Other's Image
     Israel: A Racist State

   Chapter 10 – Israel: Supremacism Through Terror
     The Massacre at Dier Yassin
     A Terrorist, Mass-Murderer as Israeli Head of State
     The Qana Massacre
     Over 50 Years of Ongoing Israeli Terrorism
     At Least 150,000 Palestinians Tortured in Israel
     Israeli Weapons of Terror
     The Ultimate Supremacist Terror-Weapon

   Chapter 11 – Israeli Terrorism and Treachery Against the United States
     The Lavon Affair: Israeli Terrorism against America
     Ongoing Israeli Treachery: The Pollard Affair
     Jewish Treachery in the 9-11 Attacks on America
     The Big Lie
     Israeli Treachery in the September Attacks
     Only One Israeli Casualty at the WTC
     Prior Warning to Israelis

   Chapter 12 – A Holocaust Inquiry
     Three Famous Victims of the Holocaust
     Jewish Supremacism 279 The Nuremberg Trials
     The Jewish Soap Story
     Throw the Holocaust heretics into prison — and cast their books into the fire!
     Auschwitz: The Centerpiece of the Holocaust
     Scientific Evidence
     The Fight Against Revisionism
     Witnesses to the Holocaust
     Those Incredible Numbers
     Other Holocaust Questions
     A Holocaust under the Nose of the Red Cross?
     Why No Debate?
     Motives for the Holocaust Story
     The Mother of All Holocausts

   Chapter 13 – The Jewish Led Alien Invasion
     Jewish Motivation Behind Open Immigration

   Chapter 14 – Jewish Evolutionary Strategy and Claims of Jewish Superiority
     Will Intermarriage End Jewish Supremacism?
     An Historical Summary
     The Present State of Jewry
     Are Jews Superior?
     The Ultimate Gauge

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