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Over the years, a number of people read drafts, fielded questions, or otherwise helped with the realization of this book. We especially want to thank Nina Berman, Serena Connolly, Liza Dalby, Frank Dutra, Nancy Ettlinger, Prudence Gill, Hanna Gotz, Joy Hendry, Natsumi Hirota, Suzanne Inamura, Eric Johnson, Karen Kupperman, Sarah Kernan, Donald Larsen, Mary McCarthy, Sabine McCormack, Catarina Marot Mendez, Wamae Muriuki, Hirochika Nakamaki, Shelley Fenno Quinn, Kristina Troost, Tenki-san, and Julia Watson.

We also appreciate the support of the College of Arts and Humanities at The Ohio State University and the National Endowment for the Humanities (Daniel Reff), Marietta College (Richard Danford), and the Grapetree Productions Fellowship (Robin D. Gill).

Thanks also to Jeff La Frenierre for compiling our maps.


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